Zhaoxia ZHU

Department of Psychology, Shandong Normal University

No,88,East wenhua rd, Jinan, China 250014

Email: zhuzhaoxia0513@163.com


The cognitive and neural mechanisms of language processing, especially the relationship between reading and writing (including traditional writing and typewriting).



1999-2003, Bachelor,  Qufu Normal University,  Qufu, China

2003-2006, Master,  South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China

2006-2010, Ph.D.,  Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China



2010-now, instructor, Department of Psychology, Shan Dong Normal University



Education psychology, general psychology, cognitive neuroscience



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1.      The 28th International Congress of Psychology (ICP2004), Aug., 2004, Beijing

2.      The 10th Chinese Academic Congress of Psychology (CCP2005), Oct., 2005, Shanghai